Morning Routine While Working from Home: A Guide to Starting Your Day Right 

Explore tips for a morning routine while working from home to boost productivity. Find out what changes you can make for a better start to your day!

Learn how to create a morning routine while working from home!

Do you ever feel sluggish in the morning, as if you’re moving through your wake-up routine in slow motion, struggling to shift gears into productivity mode? Then understanding the transformative power of a morning routine while working from home could be the game-changer you’re looking for. 

A well-crafted morning routine is not just about shaking off sleep; it’s a carefully designed launchpad that propels you into your day with energy, focus, and a sense of purpose, especially crucial when working for yourself or from your own space.

In this post, we’ll dive deep into how to create a morning routine that not only complements your work-from-home lifestyle but also sticks. From the initial stretch to the last sip of your morning brew, we’re covering all bases, complete with actionable tips to ensure your new routine becomes a cornerstone of your daily success.

Step-by-Step Guide to a Perfect Morning Routine while Working from Home

1. Wake Up with Intention

Embrace the power of consistency by setting a wake-up time that harmonizes perfectly with your morning routine, ensuring there’s no need to rush through your rituals

Imagine this: your alarm goes off, and instead of the mad dash to get ready, you have a seamless flow from one activity to the next, each moment crafted with care, allowing you to fully engage with your intentions for the day. 

This isn’t just about waking up; it’s about rising with purpose, giving each step of your morning the attention it deserves, from the tranquility of your first sip of water to the focus of your planning session. By choosing a consistent wake-up time, you’re not just catching the day; you’re leading it, fully prepared and poised for whatever lies ahead.

2. Hydrate and Refresh

First thing’s first – water. Hydration is a critical aspect of your morning nutrition. Starting your day with a glass of water rehydrates your body after a night’s sleep, kickstarting your metabolism and aiding in cognitive function. 

And here is a tip: adding a slice of lemon can enhance the benefits by providing a dose of vitamin C and improving digestion!

Starting your morning routine while working from home drinking water may seem simple, but it can make a lot of  difference to your day!

3. Energize with Movement

Now, let’s get moving! But we’re not talking about a dreaded workout session that feels like a chore. Picture this instead: you’re greeting the sun with some yoga, stretching like you’re reaching for your dreams, or taking a brisk walk to fully wake up.

And here’s the kicker – doing this before breakfast not only revs up your metabolism but also sharpens your mind. Morning exercise increases blood flow to the brain, leading to improved cognitive functions such as concentration, memory, and creativity. This heightened state of mental clarity can make tackling your most challenging work tasks more manageable, setting a productive tone for the rest of the day.

Here are some tips for incorporating exercise before breakfast:

  • Begin with Light to Moderate Activities: If you’re new to fasted exercise, start with light activities such as walking, yoga, or gentle stretching, gradually building up to more intense workouts.
  • Listen to Your Body: Pay attention to how your body responds to morning exercise. If you feel dizzy or overly fatigued, consider having a small, light snack before working out.

4. Nourish Your Body

Ah, breakfast – the meal that can make or break your day. Here is how I like to look at it: breakfast is not just food, but fuel that’s tasty, nutritious, and exactly what you need to keep you zooming through your morning tasks without hitting that dreaded slump.

When planning your morning meal, consider incorporating whole grains, proteins, and fruits or vegetables. Whole grains such as oatmeal, quinoa, or whole-grain breads provide a slow release of energy, keeping you fueled without the mid-morning crash. Protein sources like eggs, greek yogurt, or nuts enhance cognitive function and keep you feeling fuller longer, helping to stave off distractions caused by hunger.

My favorite breakfast meal is oatmeal. A bit of oats, some water, whey protein and blueberries and I’m ready to go. Ok, ok, and a dash of Biscoff spread just to start the day with something sweet. 

Incorporating variety into your breakfast routine can also keep mornings interesting and something to look forward to. Experimenting with different recipes or ingredients not only adds excitement but ensures you’re getting a wide range of nutrients. 

Whether it’s trying a new smoothie recipe, experimenting with egg dishes, or exploring different types of whole grains, variety can keep your morning meal both nutritious and enjoyable.

5. Cultivate Mindfulness

Before you dive into the digital world, take a moment for some mindfulness. Picture starting your day not with emails or notifications, but with a calm, centered mind. 

Whether it’s meditation that makes you feel like a zen master or journaling your thoughts and goals, this is your mental armor for the day as a remote worker.

Here are techniques to integrate mindfulness and mental preparation into your morning routine when working remote:

  • Meditation and Breathing Exercises: Begin your day with a meditation session or simple breathing exercises to center your thoughts and reduce anxiety. Even five minutes can significantly impact your mental clarity and stress levels. For that I LOVE the Headspace app, I’ve been using it for years and it was a game changer for my mental health.
  • Visualization Techniques: Spend a few moments visualizing your day, focusing on achieving your goals and overcoming potential challenges. This practice enhances your confidence and resilience throughout the day.
  • Gratitude Journaling: Write down three things you’re grateful for each morning. This practice fosters a positive outlook and can transform how you perceive challenges encountered throughout the day.
  • Setting Intentions: Clearly articulate your intentions for the day. Whether it’s to maintain focus, be kinder in your interactions, or complete a specific project, setting intentions guides your actions and decisions.
  • Positive Affirmations: Recite positive affirmations related to your work and personal growth. These can reinforce your self-esteem and motivate you to tackle your tasks with a positive attitude.
Meditation is one of the best ways to start your working from home day! Picture of a woman meditating in her room with plants around her.

6. Play some games

Just as your body needs exercise, so does your brain, especially as we age. Incorporating brain games into your morning routine can stimulate mental agility and help maintain cognitive functions, which can help boost your productivity while working from home.

Crossword puzzles, sudoku, or digital apps designed for cognitive training can be both fun and beneficial. Engaging with these games in the morning can jump-start your brain, enhancing problem-solving skills and memory, ensuring you’re sharp and ready to tackle your workday with a keen mind. 

As I mentioned before in another post, I’m obsessed with Daily Killer Sudoku. My work day can not start before I finish their daily puzzles.

7. Plan Your Day

This isn’t about overwhelming yourself with tasks; it’s about strategizing like a chess master, picking your moves with care. Prioritize your tasks like you’re choosing your battles, ensuring you’re focusing your energy where it counts.

You can use an app like Todoist or even something more robust such as Notion or Trello, doesn’t matter. The key here is to have a plan in place for the days, with the activities you’d like to tackle. 

Trust me, if you sit at your desk with no idea of what you’re gonna do next, you’ll procrastinate. It’s so much harder to start if you don’t know where to start.

Some people believe in “eating the frog” and starting the day with the most difficult task first, but I find it easier to settle into working-mode if I start with small, easy tasks. Figure out what works better for you and plan your day accordingly. 

8. Prepare Your Workspace

A clean, clutter-free working space signals to your brain that it’s go-time, while having everything you need within reach means you’re always ready to dive into action.

You can find out how to create a clutter-free working space in this post.

If you need the extra inspiration, you can also personalize this space to reflect your goals. From the plant that reminds you to grow to the motivational quote that fires you up, choose items that are going to make you want to go the extra mile.

Having a clean and inspirational workspace is key for a productive morning routine. Picture of a minimalistic workspace with a desk with a computer and a painting on the wall.

9. Dress for Success

Forget working in pajamas. Start dressing up like you’re about to meet success face-to-face. This doesn’t mean suits and heels (unless that’s your jam); it’s about clothes that make you feel unstoppable, comfortable yet confident. 

This ritual of getting dressed is like telling yourself, “I’m ready for whatever today throws at me.” It’s a physical transformation that mirrors your mental gearing up, ensuring that when you sit down to work, you’re not just ready; you’re dressed for success.

Personally, I’m a big fan of investing in quality sweat co-ords. By selecting the right style and materials, you can enjoy comfort while still looking polished and put-together. Plus, if your company mandates business attire for meetings, simply layering a blazer over your co-ords can effortlessly elevate your look.

10. Limit Early Distractions

Avoid checking emails or social media first thing in the morning.

Diving into the digital world right after you wake up can scatter your focus and derail your day before it even starts. Instead, commit to following the steps above, establishing a solid foundation for your day. Reserve checking your social media and emails for once you’re officially “online” for work.

Even so, you might want to begin tackling the most important task of the day, or use the first hour of your remote work for creative or strategic thinking when your mind is freshest. Most of the time, emails that waited the whole night to be answered can wait another hour. 

Implementing this routine can significantly enhance your productivity, focus, and overall well-being, setting a solid foundation for a successful day of work from home. Remember, consistency is key; give yourself time to adjust and find what works best for you.

Morning Rituals Around the World: Global Inspirations for Starting Your Day

Japanese Zen and Mindfulness

In Japan, the morning starts with zen practices like meditation and mindfulness exercises. These rituals are about finding inner peace and clarity before the day begins, embodying a mindset that values focus and calmness.

Scandinavian Outdoor Living

The Scandinavians embrace friluftsliv, or “open-air living,” even in the morning. Starting the day with a walk in nature, regardless of the weather, invigorates the body and clears the mind, reflecting a deep connection with the natural world.

Indian Yoga and Spirituality

India offers a holistic start with yoga and spiritual practices. Yoga stretches and poses rejuvenate the body, while meditation and prayer sessions enrich the soul, showcasing a balanced approach to beginning the day.

Brazilian Breakfast Culture

Brazilians enjoy a communal and vibrant breakfast, emphasizing the importance of social connections and hearty, nutritious meals. This tradition highlights the joy of sharing and the value of nutrition, setting a positive tone for the day.

Italian Espresso Ritual

In Italy, the day starts with a ritualistic espresso, signifying a moment of pause and enjoyment before the hustle of the day. This practice underlines the Italian appreciation for quality and the pleasure of savoring the moment.

The Role of Aromatherapy in Enhancing Morning Focus and Clarity

Starting your morning with aromatherapy can be a game-changer for your focus and clarity. Why not integrate some essential oils while you are meditating, cooking breakfast or exercising?

 Here’s some essential oils that can be added into your morning routine:

  • Peppermint for Alertness: A whiff of peppermint oil can invigorate your senses and kickstart your morning with a burst of alertness.
  • Lemon for Concentration: Lemon oil is known for its ability to enhance concentration and clear the mind, perfect for diving into complex tasks.
  • Lavender for Stress Reduction: If mornings are a source of stress, lavender can help soothe nerves and reduce anxiety, setting a tranquil tone for your day.
  • Rosemary for Memory Boost: Rosemary oil is not just for cooking; it’s also great for memory retention and focus, making it an excellent addition to your morning study or work session.
  • Eucalyptus for Energy: Eucalyptus oil has a refreshing and energizing effect, ideal for mornings when you need an extra boost to get going.

Incorporating these scents through diffusers, roll-ons, or even a few drops in your morning shower can transform your start into a more focused and serene experience.

Also check our post about the best scents for working from home.

Soundscapes for Success: Curating Your Morning Playlist

I absolutely despise noise in the morning. I like to start my day with silence, to the point that I bought some Loop earplugs for the days where the world is just a bit too loud for my liking.

But, that’s not to say that you can’t benefit from some soundscapes in your morning routine. In fact, the right sound can be just what you need to keep calm and have a successful day.

Here are some ideas:

  • Classical Music for Focus: Classical music, especially pieces with a steady rhythm, can enhance concentration and mental performance.
  • Nature Sounds for Relaxation: Sounds of nature, like rain falling or leaves rustling, can reduce stress and create a serene atmosphere.
  • Energetic Beats for Motivation: Upbeat music can boost your mood and motivation, making it easier to start your day on a positive note.
  • Binaural Beats for Deep Concentration: Binaural beats can help in achieving deep concentration, especially useful for morning meditation or focused work sessions.
  • Ambient Noise for Creativity: Ambient background noise, at a moderate level, can spur creativity, making it ideal for brainstorming sessions or creative work in the morning.


Establishing a morning routine while working from home that resonates with your personal and professional needs is the first step to conquer your day.

What does your current morning routine while working from home look like, and which of our suggestions are you excited to adopt? Let me know in the comments!

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